Uppsala Police found a very dangerous weapon in my bag and kept it!

Today Thursday 11th Sep 2014 as usual I wanted to go to swimming pool which is exactly in the center of the city. When I came near to the place I saw that it was block by police because there was a political speech going on.

I turn my way, but all ways to swimming pool were closed and I hade to go through one. I came to one of the temporary entries made by police for checking. They looked in my bag in which there were only my swimming suit, shampoo and towel, but suddenly she fond my razor and toke it. I said I am going to this swimming pool (it was only 20-30 meter away and she could see that) and I used to shave after swimming (she could se I did not shave for 2 days) but she was very impolite and kept my razor and told me not to enter. Because of her impolite conduct I did not said anything and went back.

I think that police women was fool enough to not understand if I were a trouble maker I could go in through another entrée without letting her know it.

I suppose they went to police office and showed the razor to others thinking that they were hero who could find some dangerous things. They thought they hade stopped someone who wanted to kill some people with that weapon. Beside, I think police keep the razor in their museum and even show to mass media as the evidence of their success in finding a weapon and stopping some big problem.

It seems that to become polis (men or women) in Sweden should have low IQ.


At the same time Swedish police is one of the most illiterate and wild in the world that is why they have succeeded to make people silent and nobody can move.

What is interesting is that: In the same week I went to left wing party gathering and talked to them specially to one of their leaders (she is university professor). I told her: you (left party, socialist party, environment party and others) made a big mistake because when ever “Sweden’s Democratic party” (which they call it for racist party) had some meeting or anything else you demonstrated against them. That made them more powerful. To stop your demonstration against Sweden’s democratic party, police took measure and exactly for this reason each time the story was brought to mass media.

I write and talk a lot (about the most important things) against Israel, Judaism and Zionist, but they never bring me to court, because they know if they do, that then I become famous and many people want to know what I write. At the same time I am member of opposition against Iran’s regime but whenever I go to Iran they neither captured me nor do anything hard against me, because they know if they do such a things, then news come out and people start reading articles. This is called “silence conspiracy”.

Every one present in that gathering, approved of me and admitted that I was right. After that I didn’t see them even say something against other groups even in the same day (Thursday). There was even no organized protest against that speech in the city.

But police toke my razor as a dangerous crime weapon!!! What a funny police.


Hassan Baygan



OBS: This letter is officially given to Uppsala police and court of justice.